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Friday, March 31, 2006

VOTING UPDATE: Goatee Gator + ZZTOP are off to a quick start

If you would have told me 3 days ago that "Goatee Gator" was gonna be ahead early in the Mascot Voting, I would have taken a swing at you, apologized for my intemperance, and offered to discuss the matter over a sumptuous Krackle Bar, my treat. Having allayed your fear with the anticipation of a Krackle bar, I would have then unleashed a fearsome double fisted punch to both kidneys, Texas style.

Nevertheless, Goatee Gator is out in front, with Ibrahim, Stachey the Squirrel, Whisker Wolf and Beard Beak holding up the rear. Much like Alex Trebek in the Lifetime Achievement voting, Shark E. Sideburns has yet to recieve a single vote.

Also, Mike has suggested a new candidate, whom he proposes to call "Fraulein Hare":

In terms of Lifetime Achievement voting, ZZTOP continues at the head of the pack, with Tom Selleck, Abe Lincoln, and Willy Nelson in pursuit. As I mentioned before, Alex Trebeck has gotten zero votes. Frankly, I hope it stays that way.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


We decided to include a new category called "Patchy," for people who only get those scattered patches of hair. Sign up here.

Also, "Female Artificial" is now just "Artifical," on behalf of prospective cross-dressers.

The Mascot Question

Just recieved this email from Jamie Strotmeyer, who will be playing the mascot @ NYCBMC:

here is the deal, my friend. it is true. i have often thought of/dreamed/fantasized about seeing the world through the eyes of a squirrel. it is truly a remarkable animal, and i would be crazy to pass up this opportunity. turns out, the only other animal i have had a healthy obsession with (besides the hermit crab) is the shark. to this day, i hope that my last moments of life are spent being torn to pieces in the jaws of a great white, and the whole scene is caught by a japanese tourist on his hand held video camera. if you zoom in close enough, you'd swear i was smiling.

alas, the conflict arises. i love both squirrles and sharks equally. a love this deep cannot show favoritism, you know that. is it possible to wear the body of the shark and the head of she squirrel, or vice versa. perhaps the only other solution is the elf costume...

We're very curious for your input, so go vote, and feel free to write in a combo, like Jamie suggested. Maybe you'd like to see a shark/squirrel or elf pants on a penguin body. That's fine. If you want to suggest your own mascot, click here to see what the options are.


ZZTop is dominating the lifetime achievement voting. Alex Trebek has gotten no votes at all. Click here to vote it up!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rock the vote and/or die!

I just put links up so that people can vote for the NYCBMC Lifetime Achievement Award and elect a Mascot. Get to it!

The Legendary Assquatch

Got an application from "The Legendary Assquatch" yesterday.

He sounds like a real handful:

"Assquatch is ready to wake up the US and rip those fake staches off those German Fucks."


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jay "The New Capital One guy" Klaitz will sing National Anthem @ NYCBMC

Here's his commercial:

I want to get him a suit like this:

If anyone has an idea for something they'd rather see him wear, leave a comment below. "Nothing" and "Whatever his regular clothes are" are acceptable suggestions.

Monday, March 27, 2006

"Is the RBC a real River Boat Captain or is that just a costume?"

Mavis18, thanks for your question. I met Dennis Dickerson when he was competing in Berlin, and let me tell you something: he's the real deal. And by real deal I mean I think he mentioned something about it. Anyway, he's got the hat.

UPDATE: Heard back from the RBC regarding his chops. He says:

"I have a 100 ton inland masters license from the US Merchant Marines, and am also a Retired Coast Guard Reserve Officer as well."

Then he signed his email like this:

"Rollin on the River,
-The RBC"

Click here to see the RBC in action. He invites you to take a trip with him on the Potomac this summer.

Phil Olsen to be on Howard Stern

Here's what he had to say about it:

OK, I just finished the interview. It was not what I expected. Lisa G, who is the news director for the Stearn show, interviewed me for about 10 minutes and recorded the interview. She said the interview will be broadcast on their (Howard Stearns' show's) news segment later this week. She is not sure when, but she will try to send me an email letting me know.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Gawker: NYT Beard Article Backlash

An anonymous source accuses Eric Wilson of fabricating part of his 'Beards Are Cool Again' article in Thursday Styles.

*The picture for this post came from googling "Eric Wilson." Turns out, an Eric Wilson who belongs to the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Association almost certainly has better abs than Eric Wilson the NYT writer. This video clip supports my hypothesis.

Here comes trouble!

I've just recieved word that US Beard and Moustache Team member Dennis Dickerson will be competing at the NYCBMC.

Known as the "River Boat Captain," or "RBC" for short, Dennis took 11th place in the Full Beard Garibaldi category at the 2005 World Beard and Moustache Championships in Berlin.

*Here's a FunFactTM for you: for the first time in WBMC history, an American medaled in the Garibaldi at Berlin, when rookie Frank Madera took 3rd. (He's the guy in all the Biker gear on the right.) Amazingly, Frank's preparation for the event consisted of getting powerfully f'd up with a film crew in Amsterdam. Such is the glory of sport.

Anyways, we didn't expect that members of the national team would be competing at the NYCBMC, but there you have it. The RBC has thrown down the gauntlet.

Those wishing to send the Captain upriver should sign up here to compete.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

NYT: Is that beard from Dolce & Gabbana?

Eric Wilson writes:

"At hipster hangouts and within fashion circles, the bearded revolution that began with raffishly trimmed whiskers a year or more ago has evolved into full-fledged Benjamin Harrisons. At New York Fashion Week last month at least a half-dozen designers turned up with furry faces."

Here's the article.

"Remember a couple days ago, you still wanting to get jumbo?"

That was the subject of an email I got this morning. It included the sentence:
"Einstein became a clerk at the Swiss Patent Office in 1902," and then it was signed "Dendy." Now that's what I call email.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"I saw Kenny Rogers outside Time Square Studios this morning at 9ish"

Bring on the Lincolns!

As mentioned before, I've been hot on the trail of the Association of Lincoln Presenters. Well, I heard back from ALP Vice President Stan Wernz, who's busy preparing for their 2006 Convention at the Quality Hotel and Suites in Cincinnati. Stan informs me that there are in fact 7 ALP members in the New York area, and I'm making a personal appeal for their presence at NYCBMC.

By the way, I think the ALP made a bold choice for their 2006 convention logo. Check it out:

According to their site, the ALP Convention Committee are "hard at work selecting the places we'll visit in 2006," and one of their stated options is The Osborne Coinage Factory. Gentleman, my family used to make the pilgrimmage every Spring, so let me tell you that it's a no brainer. Put it on the list. You will not be sorry.

Monday, March 20, 2006

"My chest hair measures 40cm and sometimes if people ask me if my moustache is real I show them my chest hair."

BTUSA captain Phil Olsen informs us that Mohammed Rashid and his world record moustache are on a world tour, although mostly that tour seems to consist of going to a mall in Bahrain. Nevertheless, with a stache that once measured 71", and chest hair that clocks in at 15", Mohammed is man hair royalty.

At Phil's urging, I will probably give this cat a call and see if he wants to come to New York for the NYCBMC. Then I'll have to remind myself that today was the day that I chose to buy a calling card for Turkey so that I can contact someone with 15" chest hair (incidentally, that puts him at #3 in the world chest hair rankings).

The Bahrain Gulf Daily News has a scintillating interview with Mohammed Rashid here.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Big Update!

The official site for The NYC BMC is up. It's still being updated but a lot of the info is there. Don't forget to check back often for more details and goodies.

The New York City Beard and Moustache Championships
The Knitting Factory Mainspace
Tuesday May 16, 8PM

Tickets, lineups, info: