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Monday, April 17, 2006

UPDATE: Training to be the NYCBMC Mascot

Jamie writes:

"It appears that there has been a minor setback with my training regimen. Since the weather up here has quickly shifted from winter to spring, my Nordic training sessions have melted with the snow. These inevitable events have forced to come down from the mountains and continue my training on the flatland. I choose the UVM soccer field as my new arena. Wind sprints, suicides, and bleachers all became standard fare, that is until this past Thursday.

Since my rabbit costume needed to be returned for the Easter holiday, I was forced to find something more suitable for the campus setting. A domesticated dog was my costume of choice. Clearly, no one questions a giant canine timing himself in the mile run. Aside from the obvious differences between the rabbit and the dog costumes (floppy vs. cropped ears, fluffy vs. long tail, etc.) there are other, subtler differences that I would come to realize.

The oversized head of the dog made it rather difficult to maneuver, particularly when running a set of bleachers. In the middle of my second set I landed awkwardly on my left paw. Unable to regain my balance due to the oversized head, I began to tumble.

When I came to, I was in the back of an ambulance. Thankfully, a mild concussion and a twisted ankle are my only injuries, and, as you know, they are both a long way from the heart.

The picture above was apparently taken while I was unconscious..."


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