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Monday, April 10, 2006

"Is Herbert Dobner going to be there?"

Amy writes in with the best question I've gotten so far:

"Is Herbert Dobner going to be there?? I am a huge fan of his and so are all my friends. Please write back."

The answer is: I have no idea. However, I did find out who he is and I can get a message to him if you'd like. Perhaps a petition is in order? Or a Poll? That's it, we're starting another poll! Look out!

Question: Should Herb Dobner come to NYCBMC?

No Way

Also, if anyone wants to leave a message for Dobner, do so in the comments section and I'll be sure to forward them to him. When/if he responds, I'll post it.


Blogger Amy C. said...

Please Please Please message him and get him over here. This is AMY.
My friends would seriously all fly up there just to meet him.

That would so rule....

9:50 AM  
Blogger Aaron! said...

Hey, I'm actually an admirer from afar of Mr. dobner's...er, work. I'm at a coffee shop where I pointed out the world beard and moustache championships website to the girl behind the counter, and pointed out herbert as my favorite (he has been for quite some time. something so aesthetically perfect about his facial hair, without being outrageous. an outgrowth of his personality and wisdom, not a schlocky gimmick). anyway, she went to her other job and mentioned the website and one of her coworkers went "oh yeah, and it's got the guy with the grey beard on it! he's amazing! Me and my friends are totally into him!". so apparently mr. dobner has a bit of a fan club...creepy, eh? If he'd be interested, i'd love to have permission to put his face on a shirt, just for giggles and shits. Many thanks, many stray hairs,
aaron fast

6:53 PM  

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