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Friday, March 31, 2006

VOTING UPDATE: Goatee Gator + ZZTOP are off to a quick start

If you would have told me 3 days ago that "Goatee Gator" was gonna be ahead early in the Mascot Voting, I would have taken a swing at you, apologized for my intemperance, and offered to discuss the matter over a sumptuous Krackle Bar, my treat. Having allayed your fear with the anticipation of a Krackle bar, I would have then unleashed a fearsome double fisted punch to both kidneys, Texas style.

Nevertheless, Goatee Gator is out in front, with Ibrahim, Stachey the Squirrel, Whisker Wolf and Beard Beak holding up the rear. Much like Alex Trebek in the Lifetime Achievement voting, Shark E. Sideburns has yet to recieve a single vote.

Also, Mike has suggested a new candidate, whom he proposes to call "Fraulein Hare":

In terms of Lifetime Achievement voting, ZZTOP continues at the head of the pack, with Tom Selleck, Abe Lincoln, and Willy Nelson in pursuit. As I mentioned before, Alex Trebeck has gotten zero votes. Frankly, I hope it stays that way.


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