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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Mascot Question

Just recieved this email from Jamie Strotmeyer, who will be playing the mascot @ NYCBMC:

here is the deal, my friend. it is true. i have often thought of/dreamed/fantasized about seeing the world through the eyes of a squirrel. it is truly a remarkable animal, and i would be crazy to pass up this opportunity. turns out, the only other animal i have had a healthy obsession with (besides the hermit crab) is the shark. to this day, i hope that my last moments of life are spent being torn to pieces in the jaws of a great white, and the whole scene is caught by a japanese tourist on his hand held video camera. if you zoom in close enough, you'd swear i was smiling.

alas, the conflict arises. i love both squirrles and sharks equally. a love this deep cannot show favoritism, you know that. is it possible to wear the body of the shark and the head of she squirrel, or vice versa. perhaps the only other solution is the elf costume...

We're very curious for your input, so go vote, and feel free to write in a combo, like Jamie suggested. Maybe you'd like to see a shark/squirrel or elf pants on a penguin body. That's fine. If you want to suggest your own mascot, click here to see what the options are.


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