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Friday, March 24, 2006

Here comes trouble!

I've just recieved word that US Beard and Moustache Team member Dennis Dickerson will be competing at the NYCBMC.

Known as the "River Boat Captain," or "RBC" for short, Dennis took 11th place in the Full Beard Garibaldi category at the 2005 World Beard and Moustache Championships in Berlin.

*Here's a FunFactTM for you: for the first time in WBMC history, an American medaled in the Garibaldi at Berlin, when rookie Frank Madera took 3rd. (He's the guy in all the Biker gear on the right.) Amazingly, Frank's preparation for the event consisted of getting powerfully f'd up with a film crew in Amsterdam. Such is the glory of sport.

Anyways, we didn't expect that members of the national team would be competing at the NYCBMC, but there you have it. The RBC has thrown down the gauntlet.

Those wishing to send the Captain upriver should sign up here to compete.


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