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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bring on the Lincolns!

As mentioned before, I've been hot on the trail of the Association of Lincoln Presenters. Well, I heard back from ALP Vice President Stan Wernz, who's busy preparing for their 2006 Convention at the Quality Hotel and Suites in Cincinnati. Stan informs me that there are in fact 7 ALP members in the New York area, and I'm making a personal appeal for their presence at NYCBMC.

By the way, I think the ALP made a bold choice for their 2006 convention logo. Check it out:

According to their site, the ALP Convention Committee are "hard at work selecting the places we'll visit in 2006," and one of their stated options is The Osborne Coinage Factory. Gentleman, my family used to make the pilgrimmage every Spring, so let me tell you that it's a no brainer. Put it on the list. You will not be sorry.


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